November 22, 2016

Todd Parker, Cycling Coach & Training Consultant, shares his experience.

Todd Parker, popular and industry highly respected Cycling Coach & Training Consultant. Author of Cycling Todd Parker Training Programs, LLC, shares his many years of experience with SPORTIQUE products.


February 15, 2016

Use Argan Butter for beautifull & healthy looking skin.

The North African secret to attractive, radiant and healthy looking skin.

Argan Butter is used as a foundational ingredient of many renowned, expensive and desired cosmetic preparations. On its own, Argan Butter is a luxurious and effective botanical emollient, moisturizer, anti-aging, and skin renewing treatment. Used in Morocco, the country of its origin, to treat various ailments like dry skin, acne, wrinkles and even joint pain.


Argan Butter, just like Argan Oil, is a powerful moisturizer rich in triterpenoids – for remarkable skin healing properties, polyphenols - responsible for relieving inflammation, and tocopherols (Vitamin E, plus A and F) - powerful antioxidants to reverse aging. Use to protect skin from free radicals, outdoor extreme elements, cold, heat, rain, as well as the sun’s UVA radiation. Argan Butter is the ultimate treatment to transform aging, dry, stressed and over exposed skin into radiant, flexible, and healthy looking skin.

Non-comedogenic and ideal for all skin types, from the most sensitive to acne-prone skin. Argan Butter returns shine and luster to damaged hair, provides moisture and nutrient support from the scalp to split ends, and heals delicate areas including fingernails and cuticles. 

Argan Butter offers not only moisturizing and hydrating benefits to your skin. It is a powerful revitalizing emollient, which moisturizes and soothes skin & nourishes pores without clogging, restores softness and improves skin texture. Melt a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply to your scalp, hair, or hair ends, cuticles or nails. Use anywhere needing special attention to revitalize and restore.

Indulge your senses with the subtle heavenly softness of our Argan Butter.

In harmony with SPORTIQUE philosophy, our Argan Butter is free from petroleum or other fillers. No Parabens, Pthaletes, DEA, or TEA. No PPG, DMDM or any other harsh chemicals. No Animal by - products. Not tested on Animals. Vegan & Vegetarian friendly.

February 08, 2016

Irreplaceable remedy for cracked, dry & damaged hands.

Irreplaceable remedy for the treatment of damaged, cracked, dry & stressed hands.

Our hands are our most basic tools, exposed numerous times a day to aggressive soaps, harsh elements and weather conditions; wetness, cold, wind and UVA and UVB rays from the sun. These harsh conditions cause damage to the delicate skin of the hands causing painful dry, cracked skin. Neglected, unprotected and overstressed hands are more easily subjected to premature aging, dryness and infection.

SPORTIQUE – 25% Shea Butter Hand Cream contains our careful balance of SHEA BUTTER and richly absorbing oils to deliver hydrating and moisturizing relief. Natural botanicals Arnica, Neem, Rosemary and Stinging Nettle, Vitamins C and E, plus White Tea extract offer antioxidant protection and accelerate regeneration of dry, overexposed skin. SPORTIQUE 25% Shea Butter Cream is easily applied and quickly absorbed to create a non-greasy protective barrier for your skin. With rejuvenating properties to prevent the chaffing and cracks, slow down the aging process, reverse skin dryness and damage, for softer, smoother and healthy looking hands.

Keep in your handbag and your car to ensure you always have protection on hand. For perfect results and radiant looking skin reapply throughout your day.

In harmony with SPORTIQUE philosophy, our 25% Shea Butter Hand Cream contains No Petroleum, No Parabens, No DEA or TEA. No PPG, DMDM or any other harsh chemicals, No Animal by- products. Not tested on Animals. Suitable for Vegetarians.

February 01, 2016

Argan oil treatment for wrinkled and scaly dry skin.

Referred to as Liquid Gold, Argan oil is the precious product of the Argan tree, native to Morocco.

This North African treasure is extremely rich in Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Argan Oil is luxurious, lightweight and non-greasy to provide lasting conditioning and moisturizing benefits for the face, body and hair. Massage into inflamed, chafed and irritated skin for immediate relief. Helps reduce the appearance of redness and scars. Absorbs quickly and deeply hydrates for a head-to-toe pampered, nourished, flexible, youthful looking complexion.

Argan oil has remarkable anti-aging properties from its naturally rich content of tocopherols, carotenes, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This powerful combination protects your skin and hair from extreme weather conditions and UV radiation. Transforms skin from overworked, dried and stressed to radiant and healthy.

Ideal for all skin types, from the most sensitive to acne-prone skin. Argan Butter returns shine and luster to damaged hair, provides moisture and nutrient support from the scalp to split ends, and heals delicate areas including fingernails and cuticles.

Handy and convenient pocket Roll-On applicator stays within reach to deliver the right amount of LIQUID GOLD where you need it most. SPORTIQUE 100% pure Argan Oil will leave your skin subtle, hydrated, moisturized, and glowingly healthy looking, without an oily sheen.

In harmony with SPORTIQUE philosophy this product is free from petroleum, harsh chemicals or parabens. Does NOT contain any animal by products, and is not animal tested. Vegan & Vegetarian friendly.

Argan Oil available as Roll-On applicator (0.5 oz) or bottle (1.7 oz) .

January 12, 2016

Well performing, long lasting, non-irritating, Natural Deodorant. Without Aluminum & harsh Chemicals.

Aluminum FREE - Long Lasting, Non-Staning Natural Body Deodorant.

Perspiration, or sweat is beneficial for our bodies. It regulates body temperature and extracts toxins.

Unfortunately excess moisture during the day can lead to discomfort as well as provide the perfect environment for odor causing bacteria and yeast.

Natural & Botanical Ingredients of SPORTIQUE Body Deodorant is designed to gently prevent odor and temper excessive perspiration. Antimicrobial and Antifungal properties of Essential Oils of Chamomile, Calendula and Thyme together with vegetable Glycerin form the base of our high performance formulation. SPORTIQUE Deodorant is not an Antiperspirant; instead it provides gentle, ALUMINUM FREE, non-irritating, non-staining, long lasting and refreshing deodorizing protection.

Available in soothing Lavender, sumptuous Jasmine, or our Unisex, herbal blend scent.

In harmony with SPORTIQUE philosophy, our Botanical based Deodorants, are not animal tested and are vegetarian friendly. They are the perfect, healthy compliment to your active, natural lifestyle.

January 08, 2016

Discover healthy secrets of 100% Shea Butter

Touch of Nature

Feeling good in your own supple, vibrant, and healthy skin shouldn’t be complicated. Take care of yourself and your skin by utilizing simply the best that nature has to offer.

Shea Butter is the product of the nut of a hardy tree, well known for centuries in Africa & the world over as an invaluable skin, hair and body aid. Naturally rich in vitamins A, E, & essential fatty acids - its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties rejuvenate the skin and strengthen the roots of the hair. Easily absorbed by the skin, it restores elasticity of the epidermis, smoothes out age spots, blemishes, discoloration, scars and some stretch marks. Use daily as a moisturizer for perfect skin balance, to smooth out or prevent wrinkles due to prolonged sun and element exposure, making your skin softer and healthier looking. Use it on your face, around eyes, body, hands and feet as a strong, active, organic remedy for diminishing the signs of aging.

Shea butter is an essential component of your daily skin care, helping to restore moisture and maintain the youthful, vibrant appearance of your skin.

In harmony with SPORTIQUE philosophy, our Shea Butter contains NO animal by-products, and is not tested on animals. Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.

January 08, 2016

All Natural, Alcohol Free, Cleansing & Refreshing Skin Tonic.

SPORTIQUE - Hydrating, cleansing, calming, and refreshing Skin Tonic. Non-irritating formula is ideal for all skin types, keeps shiny skin in check, balances oils in combination skin, soothes and hydrates tight, dry skin.

Aloe Vera with seaweed extracts calms and suppresses redness and irritation. Rich minerals (zinc, magnesium, selenium) and vitamin C support regeneration and offer protection from aging Free Radicals. Gently yet efficiently removes oil and grime without stripping skin of moisture or disturbing natural pH balance. Brightens dull skin and clears clogged pores while removing excess oil and shine. Soothes skin and suppresses razor burn discomfort.

Gentle scents of Jasmine, Cucumber or Rose will refresh your morning and evening cleansing routine. Use on its own to refresh skin, or before your favorite SPORTIQUE moisturizer.

Just like all of SPORTIQUE’s products, our Skin Tonic is Botanical & Natural Ingredient based. Formulated without

Petroleum or other Synthetic Ingredients. No animal products or ingredients, no animal testing, suitable for vegetarians.


December 17, 2015

Moisturizing and hydrating Body Milk for radiant, healthy looking skin

Envelop your skin every day with this regenerating and richly hydrating balm.

Luxuriously renewing & calming Body Milk with Antioxidants, Vitamins, Aloe Vera and Seaweed extracts. Summer time is ideal for getting outdoors and living your healthy lifestyle. The summer recharges our lives but with it comes the skin irritation and drying of the sun, sea salt and chlorine. SPORTIQUE Summer BODY MILK harnesses the natural moisturizing properties of macadamia and coconut oils, together with emollient BIO Shea butter to quickly replenish and accelerate regeneration of dry, irritated skin. Provides a long lasting fresh and hydrated feeling. Choose from the clean summer fragrance of Cucumber, Mango, Exotic Jasmine, Pina Colada, Provincial Lavender or Wild Rose.

SPORTIQUE Body Milk is silky smooth and quickly absorbed, leaving your skin supple, moisturized, radiant, and non-greasy. Caress your body with calming and firming Aloe Vera, Seaweed extracts and Vitamin E. Our Natural & Botanical formulation is free from irritating detergents or allergens. In harmony with our philosophy it is not tested on animals, contains no animal tested ingredients, and is formulated without any Parabens, PEG’s, Sodium Laureth Sulfates, or Petroleum.

SPORTIQUE Body Milk hydrates your skin after washing to calm irritation and replenish lost oils and moisture removed by soap. It makes the ideal companion to SPORTIQUE’s mild, Natural Body Soap to return skin’s natural hydration and elasticity for a vibrant healthy look. Be generous to yourself and pamper your skin!