Why should I use more expensive natural cosmetics and skin treatments?

Most cosmetics and skin products are formulated with a petroleum base and then chemically fragranced. Both of these ingredients are not only allergenic and irritating, but also cancer precursors. These products provide no long term benefits but are designed to provide a temporary pleasant feeling without any protecting or calming benefits.

The problems with mineral oil.

Mineral oil, or petroproduct oil, as well as other petroleum derivatives create nothing but a greasy film on the skin surface. The molecules in these products are too large to seep into the skin in order to boost skin elasticity and natural moisture. Instead they sit on the surface preventing your skin from breathing, trap in dirt and bacteria and prevent your skin from becoming completely clean. Since they aren’t absorbed they wash away eventually leaving nothing but the same dry skin you started with. Vegetable based, natural oils are similar to the oils you produce in your body. They have smaller molecules, which can be absorbed by the skin providing true protection against dryness. Benefits and an actual change in your skin’s condition will be seen with regular use.

What is Shea Butter/Karite?

Shea butter comes from the inner kernel of a fruit resembling a small avocado. It has been traditionally used to help alleviate rheumatism and was well known for its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties. Clinical studies have certified old claims to its healing benefits. Application improves epidermis, creating smoother and clearer skin. It reactivates collagen synthesis to combat skin thinning and wrinkling. The high natural content of unsaponafiable natural lipids impart the smoothing and healing properties good for skin dermatitis, windburn, scars, eczema and extremely dry skin.

Could the natural products be more allergenic?

Good natural products should only contain ingredients found in nature, free from the preservatives and chemicals, which are the usual irritants. It is impossible to predict how you as an individual will react so it would be prudent to try every new product you use, including all natural cosmetics on the forearm or small area of exposed skin before applying to the face or body. For super sensitive skin we recommend SPORTIQUE Shea Butter or 100% Jojoba Oil.

Can even small children use SPORTIQUE products?

The entire line of SPORTIQUE products was developed for your whole family. Shea butter and jojoba oil are pure, single ingredient products gentle enough for the most delicate skin.

Why do you use ozone in your products? Can’t it be harmful?

Ozone has been undeservedly getting a bad wrap for some time! Ozone is simply a molecule with three oxygen atoms instead of the usual two. This form occurs naturally in places of high energy, especially from the sun, or even in a thunderstorm. Oxygen prefers to exist in the O2 form and therefore the extra oxygen atom is easily transferred to other molecules, which in our environment are usually impurities. Ozone is effective at removing odors from the air as well as ridding the air of odor causing molecules. In fact, that fresh smell after a thunderstorm is the result of the high presence of ozone. The negative press comes from the fact that ozone is formed when sunlight reacts with pollution in the air. When there is a high level of pollution, there is a naturally higher level of ozone. Since pollutants are much harder to measure, the level of air contamination is often measured by a corresponding amount of ozone. In our products, ozone works as the safest anti-microbial and sterilizing agent we can get, as it is reduced to mere oxygen as it does its job!

What can I expect from your deodorant?

SPORTIQUE deodorants are not antiperspirants. Sweat itself does not smell; the bacteria growing where sweat occurs is what creates an unpleasant odor. Our deodorants use natural botanicals to create an antibacterial environment. We do not use aluminum and its derivatives to affect your sweat glands. Sweating is the body’s way to rid itself of toxins and is a natural process. There is also too much evidence of the toxic effect of excess aluminum. We do use alcohol as a natural antiseptic, and we advise against immediate application after shaving.

Can I use ROAD RASH REMEDY directly on scratches and small cuts?

Yes! It was the designed with cyclists and athletes in mind, but it is a great remedy for the whole family in so many more applications. Use it for scrapes, kitchen burns, cold sores, hurting joints, or mosquito bites. It has a SPORTIQUE designed combination of natural ingredients to support healing, promote new skin growth and inhibit bacterial infection. It will keep your skin heal faster, preventing tightening and redness.

My feet are always cracking, dry and cold. Which SPORTIQUE product is most effective for me?

For routine care of your feet we recommend HARD DAYS NIGHT FOOT CREAM. The high concentration of Shea Butter and Olive Oil including a SPORTIQUE blend of botanicals will protect and soothe your tired feet. Essential oils revitalize local blood circulation and can help lower perspiration. It is non-greasy, absorbs quickly and will leave you with the softest skin on your body!

I work in the yard and my hands are always dry and chaffed. What do you have for me?

The best first line of defense would be SPORTIQUE's; SHEA BUTTER HAND CREAM. This rich cream gets absorbed quickly giving you immediate relief, but also helping your skin heal and regenerate itself. Regular use will allow your hands to stand up to the worst you can do to them. This is a favorite in many professions, but especially doctors who are constantly scrubbing their hands with harsh detergents. Full absorption means it isn’t hanging around to get washed away but is already hard at work healing your skin.

My husband is always so irritated after he shaves. Is After Shave Balm better than Skin Toner for his super sensitive face?

Both products have undergone extensive dermatological testing. Both are incredibly mild and show no, or minimal irritation. Individuals may respond in different ways so either of these could be the best choice for your husband. SKIN TONER has calming, soothing properties thanks to the Aloe Vera and Boswellia Extract, leaving a clean, hydrated, shine and tension free face. After using AFTER SHAVE BALM, the skin will be moist, invigorated and burn free. Or, for the most sensitive shave we recommend SHAVING OIL, or SPORTIQUE's all natural classic SHAVING SOAP in a jar.

Are your shaving creams and oils also recommended for female use?

Absolutely, all items are being used every day by both genders across the globe. Everyone can benefit from the soothing properties of these shaving products.

What is the difference between your massage oils? Which is the best for my very dry skin?

SPORTIQUE massage oils are great for relaxing, invigorating massages. However, they could also be used as a moisturizing treatment for your entire body, after sauna, swim, shower, sun, or anytime at all. Peach and Arnica oil have relaxing and calming effects. Olive oil, Arnica and Hyssop have a slightly cooling, refreshing effect. Either one will replenish and regenerate your overexposed skin. We suggest adding a few drops to your bath, to ever so slightly moisturize and refresh your skin.


CENTURY is All Natural, Antimicrobial, Antifungal, friction and irritation reducing cream. It eliminates chaffing, and works great under socks in hiking, hockey or ski boots. Apply under cycling, jogging, or any other sport garments. CENTURY can be applied directly to the skin and will not damage synthetic or natural chamois of riding shorts. Use under wet or dry scuba, surfing, kayak suits. Apply to wrists, shoulders, knees, and ankles to create an all-natural, friction free, antimicrobial zone.

Why is your UV LipBalm white?

SPORTIQUE LipBalms do not contain any synthetic UV filters. Our filter reflects the UV radiation, and will not lose its effectiveness over time. LipBalm UV medium protection is dermatologically tested for its effectiveness under the European Union Strict Rules and regulation to COLIPA standarts and is awarded true 30 SPF protection. It is sported by many Lifeguards along the US coastal beaches as a tribute to SPORTIQUE LipBalm's quality and popularity.

Could my children used SPORTIQUE LipBalms?

Absolutely. SPORTIQUE LipBalms, along with the rest of our products, contain only the best natural ingredients and essential oils. In case of extreme weather conditions, cold or hot, we recommend treating your little tikes face, area around nose, eyes and lips with SPORTIQUE LipBalm for added protection.

What is the difference between your two hand creams? MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER and SHEA BUTTER HAND CREAM?

SHEA BUTTER HAND CREAM contains 25% shea butter, plus contains a higher percentage of natural and vegetable oils. It is a thick, quick absorbing, healing cream. MOTHERS LITTLE HELPER is a finer, lighter cream. The natural oils we selected have the quality to level the lipid balance of human skin. They won’t clog your pores, and they will even help balance oily skin by stopping the overproduction of your own oils. This cream contains Vitamin C, together with Beta Carotene, orange wax and essential oil, giving it a light, fresh fragrance. It can be used on the entire body, day or night.

I am on my feet all day long, working as a cocktail waitress. I’m not exactly a sporty person, but I’m putting in some serious mileage during the day. My feet are always swollen by the end of the day. Could I use SPORTIQUE products?

Absolutely. We recommend using HARD DAYS NIGHT FOOT CREAM before your shift and after. The cream will support micro local circulation and will limit or totally alleviate your swollen feet. Of course if you have an underlying condition (such as varicose veins) causing more problems than your daily wear and tear we recommend seeing your physician right away.

What is so miraculous about your ELEMENTS CREAM?

Nothing supernatural. Just something that people in the Antarctic and Alaska have known for centuries. The main ingredient of our product is an extract of Durvillea Antarcktica. It has a freeze resistant protein, enabling it to grow through ice and not freeze in the most severe cold situations. In our formulations it affects the formation of water crystals, in both freezing and heating points. This incredible extract provides a water repulsive, calming and protective membrane for your skin. It is ideal for both you and your children’s face, hands and entire body's protection.

I found your products without any perfumes or scents. Why is that?

SPORTIQUE products are designed to have only the natural fragrance of the active ingredients in them.Perfumes can be a source of allergies and skin irritation. Our primary goal is the performance, effectiveness and safety of all our products.

I usually find “herbal” formulations are not strong enough. Do your products work?

SPORTIQUE massage oils, creams and all of our formulations are being used the world over by many athletes. All of our products are certified and tested to COLIPA standards. They work. All of the elements within them are carefully chosen based on expertise, experience and especially an avoidance of ingredients which research has indicated are either toxic or allergenic. Massage with SPORTIQUE products before (we suggest 10 minutes prior), during and after performance and we guarantee great results. We take our jobs seriously. So we work with many team doctors and provide situation and sport specific formulas, solutions, custom suited to their demands.

The so-called Chinese Balms and most emulsions on the market are perhaps fast acting, but are either toxic, dermatologically unsound or even have carcinogenic ingredients. You should ask any skin care provider about the "Eurocert' or FDA approval rating and certificates. By using uncertified products, you could be risking your health with unregulated and potentially hazardous ingredients.